Haft Sin


Nowruz, a worldwide celebration which marks the beginning of the Iranian New Year, falls on Saturday 20th March this year. We've collaborated with British-Iranian Artist Laila Tara H to create a modern version of the traditional Haft-Sin, so even in this most untraditional of years, you can welcome in the New Year in style. 

Laila is British-born Iranian artist, based between Tehran and London, specialising in contemporary(ish) Indo-Persian miniature(ish) painting. Raised across the world, she paints largely autobiographical reflections of a life navigating cultures. Her practice is rooted in traditional methods and materials, and you can find out more about her here. We've collaborated with Laila in past years to create a unique hanging Haft Sin for the restaurant, so we're very happy to be able to carry on the tradition - albeit slightly differently - this year. 

A Haft-Sin (Haft means seven and Sin stands for the letter S) is a shrine or table arrangement of seven different symbolic objects, all starting with S, traditionally found in homes, shops, restaurants, and more, in Iran in the weeks leading up to celebrations. This smaller, modern take can be delivered direct to your homes around the country.

Laila’s Haft-Sin kit includes a beautiful white ceramic dish designed to hold each individual item and can easily be displayed on a windowsill or side table. Hers includes several of the most common elements of a Haft-Sin, each of which symbolises new hope for the coming year:

Sabze (wheatgrass)
Senjed (dry fruit of the lotus tree)
Serke (vinegar)
Sib (apple)
Seer (garlic)
Glass Goldfish 
Glass Egg

To allow you two weeks for the wheatgrass to grow before Nowruz celebrations commence on 20th March, we have a limited number of these bespoke Haft Sin available for nationwide delivery on Friday 5th March only

Please note, once you have the Haft-Sin in your cart, you will only be able to select Friday 5th March as your delivery date. If you wish to order the Haft-Sin for the 5th, and other items for another date, please proceed with two separate orders. 

If you have any questions about the Haft Sin kit, please email us on delivery@berenjaklondon.com